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About Us

Leonardo3 (L3) is an innovative research center and media company (encompassing a center and workshop for research and study; exhibition and museum production; editorial, television and multimedia production; and a publishing company) whose mission is to study, interpret and make cultural heritage available to the public through the use of avant-garde, internally-developed methods and technology.
All of L3’s research workshops and products (physical and digital models, books, multimedia materials, documentaries, exhibitions and museums) are dedicated to the work of Leonardo da Vinci. The center’s results are of global significance: we’ve created the first working prototype in the world of Leonardo’s Self-Propelling Cart ; we’ve discovered and reconstructed the Great Kite and the Harpsichord-Viola, the first physical model of the Multi-Cannon Gunship and the first real models of the Mechanical Bat, the Mechanical Lion, the Robot-Soldier; the Mechanical Eagle, the Musical Can(n)on, the Rapid-Fire Crossbow and we’ve carried out unprecedented virtual and physical interpretations of countless other machines designed by the Da Vinci genius. We’ve also discovered and reconstructed for the first time all the machines of Arab scientist Al-Muradi from the year 1000.

On the popularization front, we’ve created a digital edition of the Codex Atlanticus, which represents the widest dissemination of a Leonardo codex in history. With the Codex on Flight, we accomplished something even more extraordinary, since the codex is presented in High Definition and every single element is interactive. In fact, we developed special L3 HyperView technology for the express purpose of letting the public interactively explore drawings and paintings in a museum setting and we've restored the Last Supper as it appeared at Leonardo's time.

Millions of people have visited our exhibitions in cities like Milan, Turin, Livorno, Vigevano (Italy), San Marino (Republica of San Marino), Tokyo, Chicago, New York, Wichita (USA), Toronto (Canada), Doha (Qatar), Manama (Bahrain), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Kuwait City, Mexico City, Checiny (Poland) and São Paulo (Brazil).

L3 studies the past and creates innovative tools of communication for stimulating public interest.

This is why we weave together physical models, three-dimensional reproductions and interactive software. We believe, in a word, in edutainment as a tool for enjoying our cultural patrimony, without limits. L3’s success in Italy and around the world make its achievement the first solid “case” in which artistic- cultural heritage is enhanced by the use of high technology.
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